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Have a look here: http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=13676 and ofc here http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=8238

That are latest threads for any AHbot and Playerbot developing, a recent MaNGOS commit broke at least the AHbot I was using, haven't bothered finding out if there's a working version.

If there is a working version you should learn how to use patch, git diff and compiling, also you should be able to do some basic mysql stuff. Following a book is a great way, we all did it this way :-)

Merging two huge patches is always a bit like gambling, might work, doesn't have to.

Have a good time


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  • 40 years later...

Hi all,

Im sorry if I posted in a wrong thread.. i'm kind of new to the scene and cant find my way around that good yet.

So basically, i was searching for a tutorial or anything that could guide me on how to add to my mangos core compile these two patches:



I tried to do it normally buyt then the core does not compile and spits out fatal errors.

So i read somewhere that both patches change the same vars and files (or something) and thus somehow overlap and cant work topgether. Also i've read that some modify these to function together..

And i suck at programming git and svc and other terms i just follow with a book.

So could someone please give me any hints on how to get these 2 working? I really would appreciate that..


PS: using the most recent mangos and SD2 rev's

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There is lotof method.

First you need to know, you will need to learn at least how to resolve simple merge error.

Cause patch are not always aviable and sometimes it's very easy to resolve some merge conflict.

Now i will give you some little help :)

I assume you have already created your local repository

Download this patch (playerbot and ahbot for rev 10296 all in one)

Place it on top of your repository dir.

So you will get : Mangos subfolder and our patch.

Now in batch console do

cd mangos

git apply ../ahbot_playerbot_10296.patch

It's done you can now compile your patched mangos.

Try do the same after with 2 separate patch after :)

And yes there is some patch (like theses 2 before) modify same file and need to be adapted.

Often it's only some line number adjustement but sometimes you need to modify some method...

Hope it help

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@ cyberium

Man u rule! thats the thing i was actually hoping for.

I mean i will learn to do all this stuff sooner or later but now needed the solution of hand :)

Well anyways cheers to you for the patch! I'll be contscting you soon for advice on mergin process and patch modding!


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Hey cyberium,

i had a problem with the patch.

finally got to realize that it is it that is causing the problem - there is no loot when i have your patch. creatures give only grey/white loot. And it is only when I apply your patch.. how you have it?

or how can i mod it to get the loot back?

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This one is the probolem:


if i change it to some other value (greater i mean) then there is drop. strange drop but there is uncommon loot etc.

But why does it change after i apply the patrch? bacause before the patch i change the rates in the other param strings and now the only that affects all the rates is



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