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mangosd.exe rev 10296 freeze help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Fantomas

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im having problem with mangosd.exe it crash and freeze so the restarter wont work becouse ask me if i want to close it or debug.....

the error that im getting is this one , anyhelp please

Revision: * * 10296 *

Date 29:7:2010. Time 0:1


*** Hardware ***

Processor: AMD Athlon X4 965 Processor

Number Of Processors: 3

Physical Memory: 4193656 KB (Available: 2618396 KB)

Commit Charge Limit: 8385412 KB

*** Operation System ***

Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 Professional (Version 6.1, Build 7600)


Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

Fault address: 0000000075513459 01:0000000000052459 C:\\Windows\\system32\\MSVCR100.dll








R8: 00000000754C0000

R9: 0000000000000000








SS:RSP:002B:0000000002E97980 RBP:02E97A80

DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B


Call stack:

Address Frame Function SourceFile

0000000075513459 0000000002E97C80 _vcwprintf_s+2629

00000000754EE819 0000000002E97CD0 fprintf+10D

0000000140058106 0000000002EAFD20 vutf8printf+86 c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\util.cpp line 471

0000000140051F18 0000000002EAFD60 Log::outDebug+68 c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\log.cpp line 639

000000014005C1DC 0000000002EAFDB0 DatabaseMysql::DirectExecute+10C c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\database\\databasemysql.cpp line 301

0000000140060886 0000000002EAFE00 SqlTransaction::Execute+D6 c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\database\\sqloperations.cpp line 54

0000000140061567 0000000002EAFE80 SqlDelayThread::run+137 c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\database\\sqldelaythread.cpp line 48

000000014005E91F 0000000002EAFEB0 ACE_Based::Thread::ThreadTask+F c:\\mngos_gui\\src\\shared\\threading.cpp line 190

000007FEF459F605 0000000002EAFEF0 ACE_OS_Thread_Adapter::invoke+55 c:\\mngos_gui\\dep\\ace_wrappers\\ace\\os_thread_adapter.cpp line 90

00000000754E1DB7 0000000002EAFF20 _endthreadex+43

00000000754E1E53 0000000002EAFF50 _endthreadex+DF

0000000077AEF56D 0000000002EAFF80 BaseThreadInitThunk+D

0000000077C23021 0000000002EAFFD0 RtlUserThreadStart+21

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write by bisonte at psdb forums i just copy and paste it, it works just make this and disable windows reports

Hello. I don't know where I should post this tip, so I tried it here ;)

To disable the error report window (that pops up if a task crashed with the options to close program or send report to ms)

you have to edit the registry.

Locate the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ ControlSet001 \\ Control \\ Windows \\ ErrorMode

the default value is "0". Change it to "2" (without " )

then locate

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ Windows Error Reporting \\ DontShowUI

the default value is "0". Change it to "1" (without " )

This is tested with Windows 2008 Server Edition. Should work with Vista/Win7 as well.

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