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So updating the Database is long and hard...

Guest Noaru

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I should be able to use the Characters and RealmD supplied with the raw files correct? Rather than using the two supplied with something like UDB. and go from there using UDB's World DB and updating it from the raw files, correct? as opposed to use both RealmD and Characters DB from UDB and updating EVERYTHING up to the current version?

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and the mangos DB?

should i use UDB updates or just the Mangos provided updates?

If you need, then yes.

There are 2 seperate updates that UDB supplies,

one is called "corepatch" (named like 390_corepatch_mangos...),

the other "updatepack".

The corepatches can be used instead of Mangos source sql updates,

but the updatepacks contains all the content from UDB (like creatures, mobs, quests).

But I think you really should check the UDB forum about that.

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