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Creature Loot table - partial // UDB update vs Mangos src updates

Guest rhaziel

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Hi guys,

before i get to the problem i need someone to tell me whats the difference and how should i use the UDB upate pack(with coreupdates and updatepacks) and the updates that are in the mangos svc. because i tried using solo mangos src updates and it crashed my server. then i tried solo YDB update + last mangos svc updates and it worked tho...:

The creature_loot_template (i suppose, however i may be wrong as im a total noob) seems to be broken/partially installed coz my mobs drop only white and grey items. And the items are present in the DB - the AHbot functions normally. Apart from the fact that there are no weapons... i dont know what could be wrong :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Maybe there is a place i can dl a loot (and/or maybe item) table for my mangos...?

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