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what is whit our "rivals" ???

Guest alexluana

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First of all... please don't ban me...but I need to ask and get some answers...

What the f*** is with this "trinity" - core and - db ...???

I saw kingpin,syrocop, brain,megamen...and some others there ...I think I am dying..

What in the world? ... u guys work here...and they update everything basing your work plus their work...I have no clue what is happening...

The same thing happends with UDB db for trinity db...,

Why does this happend?

I mean first we had a strong strike when antrix - > forward ascent appeard...those were good but with NO real feature...they kept fithing each other in arguments and split up several times until almost gone.

Now us?

Do we have an explination? plssssss

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