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3rd party projects (DB, scripting, forks for support different client versions)

Guest TheLuda

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This topic provides a list of known 3rd party projects, which aim to provide content databases as well as scripts for these content databases.

Please note that you might break your countries law if you use the sources or data provided by these projects.

Do not contact MaNGOS developers for information on any of these projects. We only provide information for the methods of content development for MaNGOS:

Third Party projects available

DB projects:

Scripting projects (non-default MaNGOSScript library creators):

Creature EventAI projects (DB based event ai scripts)

  • ACID (hosted at ScriptDev2 community forums). Also provide support for 2.4.3 and 1.12.1 compatible projects.

Old clients support projects.

  • compatible with 2.4.3 client

  1. MaNGOS One Official mangos repo for client 2.4.3 with additional fixes and backported changes from more recent release. Early exist as mangos-0.12 branch of mangos repo.
  2. TBC-DB (Friendly fork from UDB for support MaNGOS One compatiable DB. Svn repository at sourceforge: tbc-db

[*]Compatible with 1.12.1 client

  • MaNGOS Zero Official mangos repo for client 1.12.1/1.12.2 with additional fixes and backported changes from more recent releases (Master/One). Have own independent project forum MaNGOS Zero.
  • ZeroDB Database project support for MaNGOS Zero. Svn repository at sourceforge zeroprojectdb.
  • Zero Scripts Scripting project (fork ScriptDev2) for MaNGOS Zero. Git repository at guthub scriptdevzero.

Getting into this list

You're running an effort to create content or scripts? Then please add your information below this post. Moderators will add new projects or update information for existing projects, in case project members request it here.

One of these sites is down... what happened?

If any of these sites is down, we ask you to not create posts on the MaNGOS forums about downtimes, or asking what happened. MaNGOS project team can not give you any informations on these sites, as we are not responsible for them.

If a site is down for longer than a week, you might contact a moderator and tell him, that the site is down and ask for editing this post to remove it.

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