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Multirealm Gm Rights Managing

Guest panaut0lordv

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I made with friends (about 25 online :P) multirealm server in order to learn programming and resource managing.

At first it was only one realm.

Later i did second & third, but there was only one admin/GM - me.

And now my computer is to weak to handle 4th realm, which i want to make Instant 70 PvP.

So one player is hosting it with his realmd.exe and realmd DB. But i want to make him realm connect to my realmlist and realmd DB.

And I want to add GMs to this realm, without giving them rights to execute commands on other realms (on my PC).

Do you have any ideas? Maybe i should make additional table "account_rights" with rows "accountid" "realmid" and "gmlevel". But i don't know how to implement it into a realmd/mangosd code.

If you have some time, please give me hints or ready patch.

Thanks in advance,


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For your first problem. If your firewall settings are correct, he can connect to your database from another computer. Database andmangos server do not need to be on the same computer (and in that case thay better should have a fast LAN connection).

For your second problem: Currently it is not possible to give different GM levels for different realms. I dont even think this is neccessary, accounts can be easily transfered from one realmd database to a completly different realmd database.

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