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Mangos on PowerPC


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I am trying to set up a mangos world of warcraft server so that I and my friends can use it to learn about game map development. We had a Quad CPU G5 PowerPC Mac pro that we want to use. Only issue is, upon attempting to compile, I get errors about PowerPC architecture not being supported. We are running Ubuntu 10.10, for non of us had the desire the keep Mac OSX 10.4.11 on the machine. It looks like PowerPC is supported under mac os, but why not under linux? Is it currently under development? I have C++ experience but from tweaking defines, I get errors from unsupported assembler opcodes (I understand its because PowerPC is a different cpu architecture). Can anyone shed some light on why it is or isn't possible for Mangos to run on a Ubuntu 10.10 PowerPC installation?

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Possible related asm cases guarded by some defines specific for Mac OS in g3dlite as i think.

Possible its can be replaced by arch specific defines and then not dependent from Mac OS.

Also possible platform detection see __linux__/etc and set Linux platform and expect all linux is x86/x64

In short g3dlite or tbb can missing linux at PPC support.

For overwrite it you need add something like LINUX_PPC platform to g3dlite code and update related defines use it for selection

not using asm way build. It can be not easy task... :/ Don't known what need for tbb.

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