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i have been following mangos' project progress for some time now and have been recently wondering what is going to happen to it.

let me elaborate what i mean.

its nice to see the website is easy enough to get around but certain things that i would have thought vital to a project is the use of a tracker i notice the project tracker no longer works apparently because somebody hasnt paid the hosting bill i dunno. but anyway my question is where will mangos project be heading i notice we havent had an official announcement regarding the status of progressing to patch 4.0.x only random people asking about what the repo for 4.0.x supports and devs replying it will come when it comes etc.. it doesnt explain if devs are actually going to work on it or will ever work on it. i know about the totally rewritten op codes and forever changing opcodes TY blizzard for making our lives misurable ... even more so.

i dont want to be flamed or shouted at or critisized for my simple question. i dont often post here because of this reason most posts end up in flame wars or worse.

peace Y'all


Mangos User and Supporter 4Life

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