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I need small help to update the item_template id in the item_instance

Guest crashuncle

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Hello Mangos community,

I updated the IDs of my item_template and have to update the IDs of my character database now. If I understood it correctly then I have to update the "character_inventory and item_instance" tables for the player inventory?

Updating the character_inventory table is no problem at all, the item_template column explains itself. The problem is the "item_instance" because it is using a data field which seems to be "variable" if I see it correctly? I only saw that the difference between a item and container yet.

So what I basically need now is a query which can update the item_template IDs in the item_instance. I'm since hours busy with this issue and slowly give up, help would be really appreciated.

I just need the basic query, it doesn't needs to read the ids from the item_template or something because it are only a few values.

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