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[question] About Periodic Aura Log

Guest freeganja

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I've tried succesfully to get periodic auras working after casters death but one thing is still not working, when caster is relleased and in ghost form, aura wearer doesnt see combat log, this part doesnt work when 'this' is relleased. Do somebody know why?

WorldPacket data(SMSG_PERIODICAURALOG, (21+16));// we guess size
                       data << uint32(spellProto->Id);
                       data << uint32(1);
                       data << uint32(mod->m_auraname);
                       data << (uint32)pdamage;
                       data << (uint32)spellProto->School;
                       data << (uint32)absorb;
                       data << (uint32)resist;

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