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What is dbcfmt?

Guest huntermikimaster

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I need know what is the dbcfmt foramt like this


this symols i n x and s refers to what ?

in my mangos d i have this error and i know this refers to fmt but when i want to fix that

reach to symols that refer to dbc format i dont know what kind of symbols should added

or removed

thanks for rep:)

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Is the logical structure representation of each entry in a dbc file.


Not used value, followed by 3x integer values, followed by 5x unused values, ...


   FT_NA='x',                                              //not used or unknown, 4 byte size
   FT_NA_BYTE='X',                                         //not used or unknown, byte
   FT_STRING='s',                                          //char*
   FT_FLOAT='f',                                           //float
   FT_INT='i',                                             //uint32
   FT_BYTE='b',                                            //uint8
   FT_SORT='d',                                            //sorted by this field, field is not included
   FT_IND='n',                                             //the same,but parsed to data
   FT_LOGIC='l'                                            //Logical (boolean)

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thanks a lot

when i extract the dbc from client how can i find type of each field

and last thing that the fmt change if client version changed or can


thanks for rep:D

The format changes sometimes of cause without telling in changelog :lol:

It's not the problem to get the format, but the information behind those numbers.

Many columns are illustrated at http://www.sourcepeek.com/wiki/Category:World_of_Warcraft.

To my mind the actual best extractor is DataTrap.

Direct from WoW Client to SQL-Database with human readable formats and meaningful columns.

In MaNGOS many formats are not specified because the server doesn't need them, but they are very interesting and informative.

If you don't want to search by yourself use http://www.google.com/search?hl=de&q=DataTrap+MaNGOS as a start.

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