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I have a question, when exactly to use const_iterator ?

Ive read its good to use only when you do not modify container as it wont be allowed, however;

I just managed to compile such code

std::set<ObjectGuid> sSet;

std::set<ObjectGuid>::const_iterator itr = sSet.begin();


Should be this disallowed by compilator ? (Same goes about list and all other containers)

Ah I found my answer:

Interestingly at least in N3092 for C++0x, containers' erase and insert methods indeed take const_iterator.

Can be closed / removed.

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Both gcc and MSVC have their own share of extensions enabled by default...including things from future standards aswell as from outdated standards or even times before the first official ISO C++ standard.

However, gcc is more aggressive at removing often abused things things, and more conservative about accepting future things by default, but the fact that gcc eats something is far from a verifying that it is written standard conform ;)

gcc has several options to be more or less strict, or to operate according to certain standards, like since 4.3 you can add -std=c++0x to use (more) feature from C++0x.

To my knowledge, erasing a const_iterator from STL container is according to the C++ standard currently in effect not possible.


btw. i did manage to commit something that gcc ate but MSVC didn't, and the standard was on Microsoft's side ^^ i just forgot what exactly it was...

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