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About cataclysm and battle.net login mechanism?

Guest jilingshu

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hi there,

I spent some time on analyzing the log in protocol of the Battle.net log in mechanism last year. Unfortunately, I only less knowledge on it and I only got something related to the language version and game versions information. The biggest problem is in the second package server sent to client. There are a about 128 + 512byte encrypted data in it. And these packages are non-redirectable. I mean, if I modify the "realmlist.wtf", set "realmlistbn" to "localhost" and run a little daemon to redirect the packages between client and server, the client would reported a error after it received this package.

I modded my client and make it ignore this validation, but the packages followed are non-readable.

So I wanna know, what these data in the second package server sent to client did? I haven't found any public key the client sent to server, how did the server encrypted these data?


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