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Getting Player pointer out of guid?

Auntie Mangos

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Well basically im still creating my pvp system, and i got help with a few things from kerhong here: http://getmangos.eu/community/topic/16565/gethealers-and-getdamagers-functions/ and i really appreciate that, but im not sure how i can access the player pointer of the damagers and healers etc...

Because i really wanna reward healers when they heal someone that does a killingblow, to get fair "rewards" while doing some gearup in bgs n shit... :)

Thanks in advance

-- LilleCarl

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He means low guid part.

From ObjectMgr.h:

Player* GetPlayer(const char* name) const { return ObjectAccessor::FindPlayerByName(name);}

Player* GetPlayer(ObjectGuid guid) const { return ObjectAccessor::FindPlayer(guid); }

So no, you cant use low guid from database. But you can generate full guid from it, or you can use player name, which you can get from database.

By the way, this is wrong section for questions like that :)

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