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WOTLK new Itemtype

Guest maguus

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With WOTLK there is a new weapon type.

First some facts about it.

They are only Bind on Account.

So you can switch it from one character to any other.


These items are can be selected by "WHERE `quality` = 7".

They have no stats but are counted through at stat_type10 and have something like a bitflag in stat_value10.

These weapons do not have fixxed values, but scale with the level of the actual character. they have no level boundries.

Now I want to know how are those items supported.

What Tables will be introduced to support these items?

If someone has information about the values at some levels of these Items, please post them or pm me.

To get those Information you can post the item in the chat and get Infomration according to your level.

You cat get the link by yourself from WoWHead.

Go the the item page: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=###Item-Number###

Click on the Link-button.

Copy the text from the Dialog and paste it to the chat in your official Wotlk.

Here is my (not complete) list of items with new quality 7


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there are already exist columns `ScalingStatDistribution` and `ScalingStatValue` with values from *.dbs files with same name

and when there is something in that fields, so in columns `stat_value*` or `stat_type*` and `StatsCount` set to '0'

don't know is that corrected handled with core, but in db all is fine

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