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Disabling Level Requirements: MaNGOS setting or Database Only?

Guest DracoDruid

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Hello everyone (again),

With the help of several fine persons on this board,

I managed to get my server running again (after ~5 years of absence).

(Thanks again)

While playtesting the server I remembered that I always hated the level-requirements, especially for learning professions and recipes.

(The only ones I wanna keep are the ones for the class-specific spells/skills)

My question:

Is there a MaNGOS internal option to disable these or do I have to modify each and every entry in the Database?

Thank you all very much.

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And as I said in my first post, the only thing I DON'T want to change are class-spells.

Only Profession-skills and their recipes.

(and food actually, but that's another story)

As I understand it, there is NO flag part of mangosd.conf that disables level-requirements for anything.

But did you ever thought about it?

Different flags to disable level-requirement for items, spells, professions...

that would be nice.

Thanks anyhow

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Was that a promise? :P

Whatsoever, maybe someone could explain, why setting "" npc_trainer: "reqlevel = 0 WHERE reqskill > 0" "" don't work as intended?

All "profession spells" (apprentice, journeyman, expert...) still got their level-requirements and RIDING (Apprentice) seems to missing completely.

When I talk to a Riding-trainer, they only got journeyman and expert...


... again? :8

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