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Ubuntu dropping connections

Guest xarly

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This question is not strictly about mangos but maybe you could help me with this.

I have configured an ubuntu server to migrate from windows. I followed tutorials about download repo, compile it and install it, everything fine.

Server runs smoothly, but the problem is that after some time playing, players loose connection, the server is running, it's just like server has closed connection with player, so you have to close the game and relogin.

I have tested the same emu compiled for windows and same db in windows 2003 and players can play normally, so i suppouse it's ubuntu.

This are Ubuntu specs:

Core i7 950


Disk SSD

Ubuntu had no firewall while testing, iptables were empty and connection speed 100Mb

Can you help me?

Thank you

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This one thing. Ubuntu is not really the stable server os. It is pretty bleeding edge, i would consider using debian. Bt ubuntu should not drop connections, it might help to know what firewalls and what config you have on the machine

- LilleCarl

Thank you!, I will try with debian

About firewalls and config in ubuntu, there was no firewall and iptables were empty, and config was by default. This is way i was going crazy...

I will comment results, thank you!

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So how did did it go? Any feedback yet? Just to point out. I have a debian machine at home managing my development server, and it have never been any problems:) And once i worked on another half big server, we hosted 100 players on 1 gig ram and one core from some xeon cpu ( virtual machine ) in my opinion debian is the best linux distro, but i would also like to try bsd at some point, since their development workflow is _best_

- LilleCarl

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I have installed debian 6, mysql 5.1, download sources and compile (thats all what i have done) ...but it's the same!! After 10-20 mins my client looks like freezed, i mean, i can move, but npc and commands are not responding, and server console works perfect.

It's crazy, I give up... I go back to windows

Thank you lillecarl

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