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[11869][Patch] Spell - Consume script effect - Trollgore


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Description of the feature?

Implement spells 49380 and 59803 script effects for Trollgore

The boss hits the target with spells 49380 and 59803 and when the target get's hit by the spell, it buffs the boss using the other 2 spells 49381, 59805.

He stacks a self-buff (Consume) with every melee hit that increases his damage dealt by 5% per stack. Consume needs confirmation. He also pulses a shadow damage attack that might also be the source of his buff. After watching this fight multiple times, I believe this buff is from the shadow damage he pulses around him. It seems to give it a few more stacks with each person he hits when he uses it, or something along those lines. It may also include melee swings.

For which repository revision was the patch created?


Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse?


Who has been writing this patch?




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