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Bliz taking out private servers?

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I have one question mostly for the MaNGOS adminstration have you heard anything that happened with SomeServer Supposedly Bliz is taking out private servers, will this effect you or this only for people that have modified Blizs game, or is making a profit off it?

Though this is somewhat off topic since SomeServer is ran off ArcEmu i think but the general topic effects all private server.

Source of information SomeServer's website (not going to give link cause that's advertisement) but fusion the owner posted that Bliz's Lawyer is approaching servers and telling them to shut eveything down.(Partly out of context)

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Hey guys,

I know you haven't see me on the forums in a while, however that is apart from the subject of the matter.

Many may have guessed from the topic title that Blizzard has finally taken action against World of Warcraft private servers. They recently had communication with our servers' host, SoftLayer. In fact, it was Blizzard's lawyer who submitted the "abuse" to the SoftLayer. Therefore, all servers will be down until further notice. I don't know what else to say at the very moment, but I will do my best to keep you guys updated.

EDIT-1: Blizzard is shutting down ALL private servers, not only us. Sorry if I failed to make that clear.



from one of server`s board ;p

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If the servers are actively advertising everywhere and getting profit for themselves I guess they're just asking for trouble and they deserve it. If you use it only for yourselves or for educational purpose then I don't think you have anything to worry about..

Some people just have no common sense, if you're making profit out of a copyrighted content and don't pay anything to the original author, of course they're going to be on your case, geez man..

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Supposedly Blizzard is taking out private servers, will this effect you or this only for people that have modified Blizzards game, or is making a profit off it?

Causing mangosproject to be shut down is much more difficult in a legal sense than shutting down a few servers. In addition, mangos has never supported modifying the client or making a profit from running servers. Both are strictly against the MaNGOS EULA.

If someone has an actual copy of the C&D that was sent out by Blizzard I'd be interested in seeing it. I'd be surprised if any C&D actually came from Blizzard, as that company no longer exists. Anything recieved should be from legal counsel for Vivendi or Activision-Blizzard.

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From the private server Server#1


We've discovered some disturbing information to which we've not verified it's integrity but need to take steps to ensure survivability, servers are all offline to be backed up and downloaded from our servers.

I cannot give any details at this time as we don't even know if this is a legit report. Servers will resume after the backups and downloads are complete.

Information has been confirmed more or less the following private servers have been served a DMCA notice from blizzard:







Update from Server#7


Update (12/04/08): We're sorry to inform our users (you) that our "VV0rld 0f VV4rcr4ft" server will be closed, due to a "legal DMCA" complain letter from "Bliz Entertainment Inc".

We've received the letter this morning, and it's been confirmed to be real, we have to get rid of all "VV0rld 0f VV4rcr4ft" content within 24/hours, and for obvious reasons we have agreed to cooperate with this DMCA letter and close "Server#7" down..


Bliz Entertainment is taking serious action to take down all unauthorized private "WoW" game servers/and or content related to "illegal use of emulators" within the next days..

- This isn't just for us, all private servers will eventually receive this letter, as there's a huge list of private servers listed in the DMCA letter...


We sincerely ask you to please take this under moderation, and NOT to blame Bliz for their actions. They deserve the right to do what they did.

It's been a fun time, and we appreciate and thanks all our users for the support and cooperation in making our community a fun place for everyone. This however, have come to a end.. and we believe this to be our final good bye.

(We'll be opening a "community" forum, NOT related to "VV0rld 0f VV4rcr4ft" within the few days. So if you still want to keep in touch with members from our previous community, we'd like to ask you to stay tuned for more information regarding this notice).

Server#7 ( 1 Years, 6 Months, 4 days... )

May 10, 2007 - December 04, 2008...

Once again, thank you all! *drops a tear*

- Kyuu, Server#7MMORPG Founder.

Update from Server#2


Apologizes for the website downtime.

Long story short, there is someone out there who is jealous about our position on the top 100 list. We refuse to co-operate with anyone who attempts to blackmail us, it's just not the way the staff here think.

So far I've blocked over 5000 IP's, mostly from China (probably drones/infected PC's). There is still a lot more that are flooding still, however the webserver can handle the load at the moment. Things may be a little slower than normal over the next few days, there is simply nothing we can do until this idiot gets bored.

In the meantime, with the IP's blocked and mod_evasive set on tight settings, hopefully the site will remain stable.

The most ironic thing is that he wants his server to be ranked higher, but by taking down this website he also took down the website of Ascent. Some people's stupidity amazes me.

If any of you are still having trouble connecting, you can get around the DNS by using this IP as your realmlist: no_need_for_IP

The game servers are completely unaffected by this attack, so you should have no trouble getting ingame even if the website goes down again.

Hopefully that will clear up some confusion and stop people running around spreading rumors.

What does this mean for you?


Nothing really if bliz does start cracking down on private servers the non public servers will not be affected you can still play with friend etc privately.

Does this mean the wow emu community is shutting down?



Will i get banned from retail?



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Quite interesting, but they want to close all private server on the whole world ? Or just bigger ones ? Or they are acting only at USA now ?

i'm interested in this too... are they only taking out servers which do massively advertisements? or are they also taking out testservers which a huge amount of testers on it?

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No clue if they are fake or not, but that guy has a point. An official letter shouldn't have that much spelling/grammar issues...

And please.. not that stupid DBC file discussion again. Everybody who has read the updated EULA of wow should know exactly what is allowed or not and basicly nothing around emulating the game is allowed.

(http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/legal/eula.html Point 2 A, if people are interested)

But once again, please no stupid discussion about that again.

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So you mean that DMCA letters are fake ?

It is a big fake, if you ever had closer connections with Blizz then you would know it. Just ignore them, if Blizz want something from you then you get a personal visit ... and there are enough possibilities then to prevent that.

Be nice to me and I maybe show it you some time personally :)

Those fake letters mostly appear from poor Servers or ones who are jealous on others / just closed. They try to fear others, with success.

But yeah as Kich0 said, its generally now allowed to talk about that in this forum.

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