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[Guide Updates?] Alle guides are out of date?

Guest tendonsie

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There are many guides that are out of date.

One is de person that make it banned.

Another its of 2010 with "make" but now its "cmake".

On the wiki you have 1 guide for linux with cmake:


So first I have tryed with Centos 5.6 64bit.

Full updated.

First problem. Cmake 2.8 you don't have.

So manuel cmake 2.8 installed with help of search google.

After that you get this error:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:162 (message):

This project requires ACE installed when ACE_USE_EXTERNAL is set. Please

download the ACE Micro Release Kit from http://download.dre.vanderbilt.edu/

and install it. If this script didn't find ACE and it was correctly

installed please set ACE_ROOT to the correct path.

So then I go to install that.

Trying again and again but don't work.

don't understand the "installed please set ACE_ROOT to the correct path" ?

So don't find that solution.

Then tryed on Debian with the Debian guide.

Again cmake 2.6 default, zo installed cmake 2.8,

afther that again the ACE problem?

In the past all software for mangos was easy to install.

Now everywere you use version that are nog default with yum of apt-get to find.

And the guides for install that software manuel are not to find on this forum.

Is there a possility that someone make a A tot Z guide for the current mangos version.

And that the old guides become deleted from the forum or updated?


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The linked guide seems to be up to date. It exactly tells you which software is needed and how to set cmake defines. Here: [1] it tells you how to compile MaNGOS with the built in ACE (simply use no ACE related definition or use -DACE_USE_EXTERNAL=0). This will solve your ACE problem. On every GNU/Linux distribution.

For the Debian part: Debians squeeze ships cmake 2.8. If your on Lenny: Either compile cmake or look for an updated version in backports or update your debian installation.



PS: cmake doesn't replace make, it replaces the "autoconf & configure part".

[1] http://getmangos.eu/wiki/Compile_MaNGOS_On_Linux#Compile_the_sources

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