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mangos level limit

Guest marx

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hy i saw that mangos changed level limit to 100 right?

can anyone help me out and give some tips were in source i have to look to edit it


There is nothing in the core you have to modify, just adjust the mangosd.conf and set:

MaxPlayerLevel = 100

the problem will come with the database. 2 tables will need adjusted, and you can search the forums on how to do this. The reason being that the level stats for each race race\\class combo is stored in the database, unlike many other cores. This is cool because you can specify what each characters gets when they level, how much stamina, etc. but there are only stats to 70 (80 in the newer UDB database 364 release, I believe).

The tables you need to check are:

player_levelstats and player_classlevelstats

Hope this helps.

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oke i suck in english but i ment with 303 latest core

i have changed mangos conf maxplayer level to 255

i have all player class , player level and pet level stats 1- 255

but i get this

something got edited in latest updates

2008-12-08 00:15:05 ERROR:MaxPlayerLevel (255) must be in range 1..100. Set to 100.

2008-12-08 00:15:05 Using DataDir ./

2008-12-08 00:15:05 WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0

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