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[One] Spirit Of Redemption & BG Objects

Guest rowman

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you can use flags and other bg objects with spirit of remdemtion

diff --git a/src/game/Player.cpp b/src/game/Player.cpp index 4ea97f9..818e079 100644
--- a/src/game/Player.cpp +++ b/src/game/Player.cpp
@@ -19758,7 +19777,7 @@ bool Player::isTotalImmune()
        if( immuneMask & SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_ALL )
          // total immunity
            return true;
-    return false;
+    return HasAura(27827);//spirit of redemption
}    bool Player::HasTitle(uint32 bitIndex) const

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i restore manually patch and let show it correctly by use [ code = diff ]

Can you repost other patchs with proper guards

Patch possible more hack that sollution. Spell have 3 auras as i remember.

If this affect only this spell that have SPELL_AURA_MOD_PACIFY, then this must be affect


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