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Can not start realm

Guest TheChris80

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Hi everyone :)

! year ago i used mangos already but there i was not the only Admin we was 3

Yesterday i started a new project but now i work alone

I tried to test the server but i cant start it bcoz he always want the VMaps

ieven i change this in the config


RealmID = 1

DataDir = "/opt/mangos/"

---------------------------Other Part-----------------------------------

UseProcessors = 0

ProcessPriority = 1

Compression = 1

PlayerLimit = 0

SaveRespawnTimeImmediately = 1

MaxOverspeedPings = 2

GridUnload = 1

GridCleanUpDelay = 300000

MapUpdateInterval = 100

ChangeWeatherInterval = 600000

PlayerSave.Interval = 900000

PlayerSave.Stats.MinLevel = 0

PlayerSave.Stats.SaveOnlyOnLogout = 1

vmap.enableLOS = 0

vmap.enableHeight = 0

vmap.ignoreSpellIds = "7720"

vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 0

DetectPosCollision = 1

TargetPosRecalculateRange = 1.5

UpdateUptimeInterval = 10

MaxCoreStuckTime = 0

AddonChannel = 1

CleanCharacterDB = 1[/h]

[h]BindIP = ""[/h]

i Uploaded the rar-file with my Stoneage-DSL (4Mbit only) but unrar sucks and nearly all files are failed unpacking :(

When i try to start the server then this comes only.


[email protected]:/opt/mangos/bin# ./run-mangosd

MaNGOS daemon restarted

Check existing of map file '/opt/mangos/maps/0004331.map': not exist!

Correct *.map files not found in path '/opt/mangos/maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in '/opt/mangos/vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.

MaNGOS daemon restarted


Does anyone know a solution ?

maybe i understood something wrong in the wiki

Thank you all for help

Best regards


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