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RE "New Map Format"

Guest lillecarl

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Sorry if i might be posting in the wrong section, but im really curious about this wiki post i found here: http://getmangos.eu/wiki/New_Map_Format

I would basically want to know if it is possible, what the benefits would be, and if it also would be able to add "MMAPS" lateron

The only thing i could imagine is better with this is the storage, the overall file size would be smaller and then it would take less RAM while loaded, and on a blizzlike server (as mangos is indended to be)(But also not made for public servers (doh)) Then almost all maps/vmaps/mmaps would be loaded since there are people everywhere, so it would give a pretty big performance impact i think? Because i guess some variables would be stored twice (as it is right now)

Im not sure tho, just brainstorming (im to bad at programming to see what the real pros/cons really would be (Doh)

- LilleCarl

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