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[SOLVED] Spellauraeffect 316 haste and channeled spells


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Hello, first of all thanks to the active getmangos community and to brilliant mangos project creators and contributors. I have lot of pleasure to work with mangos but...but I have a problem on wich I have worked several days without find solutions. There is on this forum several topics about haste and channeled spells (SpellAuraEffect 316) and how to implement it but most of link to different pastebin are broken and inefficient to apply on the very recent sources version I am using (11748).

That's why I wonder if you could provide me a valid version of a sexy patch to correct it.

I'm not at home for 7 days but I'll try to answer your question about my modifications if you need.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Ps : excuse my poor english, I'm a french user.

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