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cant patch my database

Guest TheChris80

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hi again =)

slowly i get really desperate

i use mangosr2 now but i have same with original mangos

i use ytdb but i dont come forward with all what i do -.-

the original is a blank of course and i know it from long time ago :P

but how should i test a server without any creatures´s ?

i patched the mangos db and this works but with the characters db i dont come forward

this is the last i get before i gave up

[Err] 1146 - Table 'characters.character_db_version' doesn't exist
[Err] ALTER TABLE character_db_version CHANGE COLUMN required_10051_01_characters_character_aura required_10156_01_characters_character_aura bit;
[Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully

The YTDB-forum seems to complete russian so i guess i cant get help there.

does anyone how to solve this problem ?

i am not expirienced enough that i can solve it by my self.

Thanks alot.

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