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need some help on exacting dbc and the ad's source code


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dear all:

I pretent to compile a version of mangos for my client 3.3.5(13930)version. while using the ad.exe to exact the dbc/maps i encounter a lot of problem. first is the fatal error:Invalid component.wow-zhCN.txt file format , I slove it by using mpqeditor to modify the component.wow-zhcn.txt to component.wow-zhCN.txt ,but while exacting maps it told me that the Invalid map.dbc file format.

I check the source code of ad.exe. i foud the problem

  1. if(header[0]!='W' || header[1]!='D' || header[2]!='B' || header[3]!='C')
  2. return false;

then i check the dbc file exact from trinitycore, the first four characters is truly WDBC,but my dbc file is ? character.

i know my the mpq patch-zhCN-3.MPQ is strange it has only 32k byte. did the ad.exe will exact the map.dbc from this file(this file has no DBC file exist inside)?

and when i trace the source, i was confused at some place.

in mpq_libmpq.cpp

  1. MPQFile::MPQFile(const char* filename):
  2. eof(false),
  3. buffer(0),
  4. pointer(0),
  5. size(0)
  6. {
  7. for(ArchiveSet::iterator i=gOpenArchives.begin(); i!=gOpenArchives.end();++i)
  8. {
  9. mpq_archive &mpq_a = (*i)->mpq_a;

  10. mpq_hash hash = (*i)->GetHashEntry(filename);
  11. uint32 blockindex = hash.blockindex;

  12. if (blockindex == 0xFFFFFFFF)
  13. continue; //file not found

  14. uint32 fileno = blockindex;

  15. //int fileno = libmpq_file_number(&mpq_a, filename);
  16. //if(fileno == LIBMPQ_EFILE_NOT_FOUND)
  17. // continue;

  18. // Found!
  19. size = libmpq_file_info(&mpq_a, LIBMPQ_FILE_UNCOMPRESSED_SIZE, fileno);
  20. // HACK: in patch.mpq some files don't want to open and give 1 for filesize
  21. if (size<=1) {
  22. eof = true;
  23. buffer = 0;
  24. return;
  25. }
  26. buffer = new char;

  27. //libmpq_file_getdata
  28. libmpq_file_getdata(&mpq_a, hash, fileno, (unsigned char*)buffer);
  29. return;

  30. }
  31. eof = true;
  32. buffer = 0;
  33. }

the buffer in the line31 seems not free very well(it was newed many times) was i right?

in the realse mode it works but in the debug mode, it told me that the heap was not release.

can anyone help me on this? thank you very much.

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