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Problem with vmaps and maps extracting

Guest Wolominiarz

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I have successfully compiled and configured mangos on linux. The only thing missing now is me extracting the vmaps, dbc and maps. When I try to do this I dont get any errorlogs and an empty dbc and vmaps folder :o:S?

the files i'm using are:




splitConfig.txt<-----------(MISSING! Could this be the problem?)



Those are the files i get on both my windows and linux system.

In the from the simple vmap maker I managed to catch some errors however they do not transfer to a log.

The program says no errors and yet it fails to open all .MPQ directories, and yes they are there.... every single one needed wich it claims it cannot fint.

Any ideas of what might be wrong.

I want to run a WoW:WotLK 3.3.5a server and I have installed WoW, WoW:BC and WoW:WotLK and patched up to 3.3.5a enGB, AND played on other private servers with this patch.

Best regards Wolominiarz

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