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HELP mangos crashes on startup


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Hello, i need some help.

As the topic said, my mangos crashes on startup; this is not only on mangos but on all servers. What i did was, i downloaded mysql the server, and made the maps folder. I do not know what i did wrong althought i found on the internet something about that the password and username must be the same of the server and mysql. I know nothing about that so please explain if u know the awnser.


(new pc)


quad core 3.0



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well the odd thing is that i added the maps and dbc folders, i heared from other people that the vmaps do not have to be included, and also when i make a screenshot very fast i see a batfile with something likee: the passwords dont match, ill post a link to the screenshot later. im at school atm.

regards, michiell

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so, i tried what you said, i runned it from cmd, which did not work it said can not find server.conf while it was right there. on the other hand i found that when i made a quick screenshot the conf file was found. it has no errors on it but just stops. i dont know why, also the the restarter i use says it just crashes. im not sure how to upload aprintscreen so ill just say it ...

both windows say: using cofiguratoin file mangosd.conf.

Database: 3306;root;mangos;mangos

and here i think i know whats wrong.

it says 3306

while im running my mysql on port 4588 as 3306 gave an error: this port is already in use

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:( !!!!

so, i got the server past that problem but now i got a new 1

when i run mangosd.exe it closes and when i open it 3x it will let me read it (there will be an end now button but when i dont press it its just open to read)

it says that my ./maps/0004331.map is not compactiple version <outdated?> please create new using ad.exe

correct *.map files not found in path ./maps or *.vmap/*vmdir files in ETC......

please help. these threads dont seem to work for me

i used 2 different wows to get the maps from

can u maybe upload your 0004331.map?

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