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what kind of forum are we at all. No screenshot thread anywhere?

Here's my current desktop. My laptop is almost the same, but with a saner wallpaper (might have to carry it around).

Clean and Dirty

6115438701_3e9a869f6c_m.jpg 6115438525_e6653dbbb6_m.jpg

clean at Flickr | notclean at Flickr

  • Operating System is Arch Linux.
  • Desktop Environment is XFCE 4.8.
  • File Browser is Nautilus 3.0.2.
  • Webbrowser is Uzbl Commit: 9b73b93.

Other programms you can see:

  • Clementine (music player)
  • Compiz Fusion (bling bling)
  • Pidgin (IM)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (mail)
  • XChat (IRC)



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