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[Discussion] Clasic w0w 1.12.1


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Last night I reviewed all the files from mangos zero and I realized that we are almost to have a full working 1.12.1 branch. I mean by full that scripts+db+core side it's almost complete...

Let's Take a look of what is done and left do be improved:

Server side:

- Warden is missing (not for long)

- Mmaps is missing (this week I believe it will be no more)

- A few spells and behavior for quest scripts and raids

I believe that would be the approach to 99.9% where 0.1% will be (I guess) the amount left for some tweaks!

Scripts side:

- ALL the dungeons are over scripted.. as an overall I could say it is like 80 - 85% done until now. I am sure X-Savior will finish them up as soon as he have the necessary info and time.

- ALL the raids are scripted very very nice.. what can I say... same .. as an overall 80-85% is done... the rest is a place for tweaks and missing small parts

It is true that like 4 or 5 bosses do not have at this moment a script, but I am sure it will have!

- I could not check the quest scripts but, as my experience goes with private mangos servers I can add a small overall to it.. like 75-80% is done

Database side:

- I never doubt that udb did a wrong job... I believe the db is complete with all it needs .. I mean by spawns, texts, gossips, etc

- The rest that it will be done I think it will be only tweaks and improvements.

Over everything that I wrote upper I believe we are on the right track and long waited moment of truth.. the moment when everyone will finally say it worth all the efforts, nervs, BANS, etc.

With all of this said I wish to add one more thing:

Thank you MaNGOS Team!

Thank you Udb Team!

Thank you ScriptDev Team!

Thank you all contributors!

Thank you ALL!

With respect,


P.S. What do u think?

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We are not at really that far with mangos-zero. To my knowledge we actually me be somewhere near 60% if you look at all parts from server to scripts and database.

There have been a lot of improvements, but there is still way to go. E.g. the map formats vor mangos-zero need to be reviewed, and there are still a few TBCisms in mangos-zero which are being removed.

Auction house bot is coming for mangos-zero, Salja is working on that.

Player bot may be a patch to consider for debugging mode in all branches. Repeat: for testing puroses in debug compilation mode.

Traitor patch will most likely not make it's way into the official repository because it's too far away from the game specs.

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I guess u are more than right Patman... small things together makes big things

Well I am very excited about the level wow gets 2... a couple of years ago I wouldn't have dared to dream of.. but today? a lot were improved and implemented... and many of that cover 1.12.1 the most..


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Well i got a nice working 1.12 mangos-zero that holds easily 40 players and there are only minor bugs and issues.

moreover, the DB is extremely good - i dont know if i found a single problem with it.

To add - you can easily apply playerbot - just a matter of 2 scripts and it works like a charm - not a single crash since 2days.

The AHbot would really make a great difference but obviously you cant have it all.

Kudos for the mangos-zero project team - the guys are great

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that is what I talk about... ppl like rhaziel confirm the hard and the best work done for 1.12.1 servers

as far as I see the new release of Acid will be critical for 1.12.1 .. I mean it took a loong time to get out...and I believe it worth all the waiting.. cause A LOT of things will get worked/improved.

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  • 2 months later...
so what can be done about that? create a custom anti hack patch?

The way I can see it:

A. reverse-engineer new Warden modules and mod the old client to accept them, or modified versions

B. create a new client-side anti-cheat solution and have players use it

C. Use server-side checks only and deal with it

Obviously none of these are as good as actually making Warden work on 1.12. My only hope is that somewhere out there there is a private server developer or game researcher who has a module, but then again they would also have to have the decryption key, so the chances are pretty slim.

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