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Can see realms but not enter to them

Guest Zurfy

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I've been trying to create a server for a few days but I still cannot play with my friends.

I can play alone (in my computer and my network but not with my friends which aren't on my network).

I am forwarding 8085 (both), 3724 (both), 3443 (both) ports.

I'll explain myself better:

I can play in my own network.

But when I try to play for another network I just can see the realms.

When I click the realms from another network I can't just enter them and I'm back again to the list.

What shall I do?


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You probably have two machines in your network:

1. The machine running the server, let's call it "server".

2. The machine seen from outside your LAN; typically your router/firewall (might be a little box or another computer). Let's call it "firewall".

I'll assume you are running both the realm and world executables on the "server" to make things easier, the realm listening on port 3724 and the world on port 8085 (you can change that in the config files if you want to, but let's keep it at this).

1. Forward port 3724 from "firewall" to "server". I think you've done this already, since you can see the realms from outside.

2. Forward port 8085 from "firewall" to "server".

3. Make sure that the world info in the database, '<realm database>.realmlist' table, is matching the setup AS SEEN FROM OUTSIDE. This means that the 'address' field should be set to your EXTERNAL address, ie the hostname (or IP in theory, see step 4) your friends are seeing (the same they use to connect to your realm I suppose) and that the port is set 8085. This should allow your friends to connect if the world port is forwarded properly (step 2), because the realm daemon will send them this info.

4. Make sure YOU can connect too. Since your client will also get the same info from the realm daemon, this might be a bit tricky since you are on your network after all, so the external IP might not work. I use a hostname in the realmlist database that resolves to my EXTERNAL IP from outside, and make sure that hostname converts to a local IP for machines in my network (by setting it to a fixed IP in /etc/hosts, but I'm on Linux).

The trick is to realize that both you, on the LAN, and your friends, outside the LAN, will get the same address info from the realm daemon to connect to the world. Then make sure that translates to the correct machine and port, and you should be fine.

Happy gaming!

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