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Meaning of bounding_radius

Guest breakwater

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I hope someone can me with this question.

What is the Meaning of bounding_radius

Some facts:

~97% of boundingsradius are lower or equals then 2

bounding radius is use from mangos, but I think nobody knows the ->real<- Meaning

the bounding_radius are direct from offical

There are some mobs with big movement problems because of bounding_radius (Examples: A lot of Golems-Mobs, Maexxna, Supremus, Guardian of Icecrown)

Maybe someone can help mangos with a good answer.

Thank you

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I have make a big mistake, it was late and i have change combatreach, but the meaning of combatreach is clear.

I have change me core to thisone. Boundingradius has a max value of 2. I hope that helps against wrong movement

void Unit::UpdateModelData() {
    if (CreatureModelInfo const* modelInfo = sObjectMgr.GetCreatureModelInfo(GetDisplayId()))
        // we expect values in database to be relative to scale = 1.0
        SetFloatValue(UNIT_FIELD_BOUNDINGRADIUS, GetObjectScale() * modelInfo->bounding_radius < 2.0f ? GetObjectScale() * modelInfo->bounding_radius : 2.0f);
         // never actually update combat_reach for player, it's always the same. Below player case is for initialization
        if (GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER)
            SetFloatValue(UNIT_FIELD_COMBATREACH, 1.5f);
        else             SetFloatValue(UNIT_FIELD_COMBATREACH, GetObjectScale() * modelInfo->combat_reach);

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