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mangosd.exe crashes

Guest Bodz

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I just started Mangosd.exe and it came up with this error :

2011-10-04 23:17:24 ERROR:Failed to open acceptor, check if the port is free

2011-10-04 23:17:24 ERROR:Failed to start network

2011-10-04 23:17:24 [0 ms] SQL: UPDATE realmlist SET realmflags = realmflags | 2 WHERE id = '1'

2011-10-04 23:17:24 [0 ms] SQL: UPDATE characters SET online = 0 WHERE online<>0

2011-10-04 23:17:24 [1 ms] SQL: UPDATE account SET active_realm_id = 0 WHERE active_realm_id = '1'

2011-10-04 23:17:24 [1 ms] SQL: UPDATE character_battleground_data SET instance_id = 0

2011-10-04 23:17:24 Halting process..

Then it just closes.. I have tried reopening the ports, all my configs are set up properly, and I dont have any program running on port 8085 (currently the mangos default). I have also tried rebooting my internet, and rebooting my computer, but this error still happens. I have also tried recompiling from scratch MaNGOS but it's still giving me the same error.

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