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How do you feel about: Mist of Pandaria

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I think this release, after just one year of Cata, shows Blizz is suffering from content diarrhea to keep all the attention-deficit kiddies interested until "Titan" is ready for release. 4.x did add lots of new social features, in an attempt to artificially build a sense of community, but the overall content did seem to be devoid of any real depth and was over too soon, mostly due to altering the XP curve and nerfing older dungeons such that reaching level 80, so you can jump right into Cataclysm, was ridiculously easy.

Unfortunately, there is such a rush to play through the Cata content, that older raids are ignored and dungeons are simply something to be rushed through for loot and XP so you can get to 80 as quickly as you can. Once thriving hubs of activity, like Shattrath and Dalaran, are merely backwater stopovers for those passing through on their way to Hyjal or Vash'jir. Stormwind is still a popular meeting place, due to the Auction House and being a central travel hub, but all the other Alliance cities are now ghost towns. The same holds true for the Horde with Orgrimmar being their meeting place while Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon are nearly deserted.

In pleasing the masses, WoW has become an insulting bore to the more serious fans. You may come for the game, but it's the friends you make that seems to be the sole reason for continuing to pay the fifteen dollars.

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