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[Dev] Buru Egg Explosion


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In buru script it is need this spells that must 2 3 things:

1. Dmg boss

2. Dmg near pTagets

3. Remove speed aura from boss

                   // Egg Explosion
                   case 19593:                   
                       if (m_removeMode == AURA_REMOVE_BY_EXPIRE)
                           target->DealDamage(target, target->GetHealth(), NULL, DIRECT_DAMAGE, SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_NORMAL, NULL, false);
//                       damage = int32(unitTarget->GetMaxHealth() * 6.0f);     // Egg will dmg boss for 6% of his health...radius missing
//                       damage = int32(pTarget->GetMaxHealth() - 500);      // just my guessing that egg will dmg for 500                         


* Check if creeping plague is resisted by immunity auras


1. how can I set the dmg radius for the first part of spell?

Thank you!

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