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Authentication protocol

Guest Pioz

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Hi all,

can someone explain to me in detail the authentication protocol of WoW?


  • * Clent start, find in realmlist.wtf address of realm server and connect, if port not selected, default is 3724.
    * Arrow-up.gif AUTH_LOGON_CHALLENGE (username, version of client, ip address etc.)
    * Server check IP address, check if account isn't banned and send informations, needed for authentication by protocol SRP6
    * Arrow-down.gif AUTH_LOGIN_CHALLENGE
    * Client does calculations SRP6 login protocol and send
    * Arrow-up.gif AUTH_LOGON_PROOF
    * Server does calculations SRP6 and if accord, data is saved to database - `sessionkey` in account table and send.
    * Arrow-down.gif AUTH_LOGON_PROOF (success)
    * After success login to realm server, client asks for list of world servers.
    * Server makes list of world servers and send them to client.
    * User selects his realm (or last visited is used) and client dissconect from realm server, create connection to world server.
    * Server accept the connection and sending data as first.
    * Packet contains server_seed,on his base is from sessionkey created hash and send to server.
    * Server does rest control calculations and compare them with client's, if all is OK, SMSG_AUTH_RESPONSE is send and initialize encryption of packet headers.
    * Client create a encryption and send.
    * Server makes a list of character list for logged account and send.
    * Player select a character and login to game, packet with player guid is send.

This is little bit simply, if you want narrowly information, visit realmd & mangos sources..

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