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Who is pre-compiled mangos server provides the download?

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MaNGOS does not support the download or distribution of pre-compiled servers, also known as "repacks".

If you are having troubles with adding ScriptDev2 to the MaNGOS source and successfully compiling it, there are many who would be most happy to help you to do this correctly.

You can add ScriptDev2 into your local MaNGOS Git repository by placing its Git repository in the bindings folder. The folder structure looks like this....

root\\ (this is the folder where you created your MaNGOS Git repository)






|__scriptdev2 (this is where you use Git to clone the ScriptDev2 repository to your computer)

Once you have done that, compile MaNGOS using the proper Visual C++ solution file. At this point ScriptDev2 is not yet compiled into MaNGOS. You must compile again, this time using the Visual C++ solution file located within the ScriptDev2 folder where you placed it within the MaNGOS source.

The solution files, which have a .sln extension are used as follows:

mangosVC90.sln and scriptVC90.sln are the two solution files you need for Visual C++ 2008.

mangosVC100.sln and scriptVC100.sln are the two solution files you need for Visual C++ 2010.

If you are instead using CMake to generate the solution files, you must apply the patch, MaNGOS-xxxxx-ScriptDev2.patch (xxxxx indicates the MaNGOS revision), to ScriptDev2 found in the patches folder of your ScriptDev2 source.

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Using CMake is entirely optional and not needed. I made mention of it so you may be aware to use the proper patch if you did use Cmake. I do believe it is the intention of MaNGOS to eventually migrate entirely to Cmake. It may be a good idea to learn Cmake, unless you are well skilled in using Visual C++ to create your own solution files.

As for the compile errors, are you sure that you have used the most recent revision of ScriptDev2? The official Git repository for ScriptDev2 is located here... ScriptDev2 at Github.

If you obtained it or your MaNGOS source from a place other than the official repositories, then please check to make sure your source codes are the newest revisions available.

Sometimes, compiler errors come from using and older source with a newer one, such as having an outdated ScriptDev2 with a newer MaNGOS.

Please do not be easily discouraged. All the effort and trouble will be worthwhile, once you feel the pride from successfully compiling and starting your first MaNGOS server. I felt like I was king of the world the very first time my MaNGOS server started without crashing. I made many mistakes and it took time to learn how to do everything properly.

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