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Hello, i have manage to install and compile mangoszero on linux.

but i have hit a problem, and for the life of me. i cant work it out.

Mangosd: "Could not find configuration file /server/realm1/etc/mangosd.conf."

realmd works just fine.

i know it says mangosd.conf. witch the full stop at the end. thats not the problem.

i have changed the permissions on every file and still the same result.

EDIT : Mon Jan 2 02:58:08 MSK 2012 , MaNGOS daemon crashed and restarted.

if that helps.

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Okay, so you copied mangosd.conf.dist.in over to your server's root directory and renamed it to mangosd.conf? Same for realmd?

hello. i haven't copied it over to like a all in one folder. there were 3 folders, Bin, etc, forgot the other.

i have manged to fix the problem after a restart. really weird problem to be honest :/ .

thanks for the feed back anyways.

Please close this thread. Thanks.

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