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Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist

Guest Syenet

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mangos: mangos-mangos-v0.16-1810-ga9a9715.zip (from github)

SD2: scriptdev2-scriptdev2-1d33dfd (from github)

UDB: (from svn 402Full->403Core->403UpdatePack)

Compiler: VS2010 SP1

System: Windows Vista x64

Carefully proceed according to the installation guide, but when I try to run mangosd.exe, it crashed instantly. Here's the DBErrors.log:

SQL: SELECT required_11852_01_mangos_gossip_menu FROM db_version LIMIT 1

query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist

SQL: SELECT * FROM db_version LIMIT 1

query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist

The table `db_version` in your [WORLD] database is missing or corrupt.

MaNGOS cannot find the version info needed to check that the db is up to date.

This revision of mangos requires a database updated to:


Post this error to your database provider forum or find a solution there.

Having searched the entire google with no useful info, I'm really confused about it. I've setup my server quite a few times before, often came out errors due to outdated db with explicit explainations in the log files, and I never came across such issue. The table's name should be "realmd_db_version" instead of the one displayed above. What on earth happened? Please help me.

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