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[One] Battleground disconnects

Auntie Mangos

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How it SHOULD work: If a player gets disconnected while in a BG, he should rejoin the BG after he reconnects.

How it DOES work: At first it appears that this works fine, but the thing is that it works only if the player is OOC while he gets disconnected. If the player is in combat while he gets disconnected, as soon as he relogs he would be ported in the ghost form near a battlemaster, so in order to ressurect he will have to search for a graveyard and suffer from ressurection sickness and all.

So anyone knows where this is handled? Would be nice if the player gets ported alive outside BG and not dead.

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Possible need add exclude killing player at logout if he at battleground. But this can allow cheating with it for avoid leave some impotent position at BG in result die by close client and relogin. So maybe instead exclude need add alternative code for BG case: teleport to local graveyard pos.

[Not have sources for fast search exactly function when this done that i not remember, sorry]

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Does this bug also exist in Zero and MaNGOS master?

If not, you may try having a look at the relevant code sections in their cores for a fix that can be ported to One.

Otherwise, as Vladimir has suggested, it may be necessary to implement some additional checks for a player's state in regards to battlegrounds, perhaps other types of PvP as well.

Would this also require new flags in the database?

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