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Settling GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRAP (entourage)

Guest virusav

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1. GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRAP (entourage) should summon AUTOMATICALLY to the point, phase, etc. the main object.

Should take into account events and pull.

2. With the entourage must be made the same steps as with the main object (use, summon, despawn, etc.).

I wrote a test patch to summon the entourage to the main object: http://paste2.org/p/1866839

Turned out as a tedious and uncertain, should be more simple and correct solution.

Need advice on this matter.

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very difficult.

This automated system clearly has some very nice concepts (ensure that linked traps are spawned)

However the main problem I see with this is that you DB guys must ensure that no linked GOs are spawned by default in the database - so you cannot fill the content of gameobject table by sniff, but always must use some selects to remove the linked GOs.

Also I think other GOs as well have linked GOs which might be an idea to support as well with such a system.

Unfortunately we know so little about how GOs should really work.

Also maybe you might want to add a check for linked GOs which do not exist to some earlier place (GO-template checks?) - to prevent unexpected errors from gameobject table which will be consusing

Anyhow - any research on how GOs should behave is very welcome :)

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You can summon an object-entourage after adding the main object in the world.

1. In the end, both objects must be at one point, with the same orientation, etc.

2. If any action with the main object, the same steps need to occur with entourage.

3. Can the structure of the main objects of the code stored no entourage, and a structure that will contain the entry and guid, make it easier to find dependent object instead of looking for all within a certain radius.

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