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Swimming and Flying bugs


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Hey all,

Today I am trying MaNGOS for the first time. After hours of compiling and setting up all the dependencies, I am having a blast. However I am running into two main issues:

1) When I use the .gm fly on command, I can fly just fine. However, while moving, every couple of seconds (when game tries to update health/mana) the character recoils and shouts as if she had taken fall damage. I do not actually lose damage.

2) I cannot swim! Now I've tried on two characters to see, and neither of them will dive. I know the controls are set properly because I can fly as described above.

I don't know if these are known issues, or what steps I can take to fix. I used to work on FFXI private server so I have no problem messing with source code or db or anything like that. I am just wondering what the cause might be. Thank you in advance.


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The swimming bug is a new one, to me, but the flying bug you describe has plagued the server for a very long time. I've seen it affect other races besides Blood Elves, though it seems most common with them.

It's likely somewhere in the movement handler, if you're willing to dig into the code and lend a hand.

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