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Mangos vs Mangos R2


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Welcome to MANGOS, alexthecat! :)

To answer your question:

That depends on whom you may ask and why you're asking.

If all you wish is having a server just to play WoW, then you'll obviously go for whichever fork or project has the most "working" features, regardless of how that is achieved in the program code.

Like the Trinity Core project, MaNGOS R2 is a fork of the official MaNGOS, started by those who felt they could do things quicker and better. Whether they have managed to do so is a question I leave more qualified persons to answer. Like many of the other forks, they have more game features implemented than the official MaNGOS core.

On the other hand, if you are interested in how things work, want to learn the way in which the client and server function together, and wish to add or fix features in a manner that replicates retail behavior through proper server functionality, then you might want to stick around and roll up your sleeves to dig into come code. The focus of MaNGOS is learning.

As an example of the difference in how things are done here...You may see other MaNGOS-based servers that brag they have multi-seat vehicles "working 100%". I assure you this is a half-truth, at best. While it may seem to work fairly well in game play, this is done through trickery, by using hard-coded values that force a spell or function to activate at a point determined by the programmer, rather than to use the information sent from the client and having the server program respond accordingly. While taking such "shortcuts" means people can experience more game content like retail, and it has allowed these other servers to leap ahead of MaNGOS in this regard, those methods do not promote a deeper understanding of the mechanics involved. MaNGOS will eventually have vehicles fully implemented, but not until it's done according to the standards established here.

In the long run, it's really up to you to do your homework and decide what best suits your needs and interests. I most certainly hope you will stick around and learn a thing or two, possibly becoming one that brings new ideas and brilliant work to this community and project.

Should you choose to adopt R2 or some other server core, please bear in mind that only the official MaNGOS projects are supported in these forums: MaNGOS, MaNGOS-Zero, and MaNGOS One. For other server cores, you will have to seek technical support from their respective forums or websites.

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