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Database Patching

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I am attempting to set up MaNGOS with ScriptDev2, ACID, and UDB.

I have MaNGOS 11893, ScriptDev2 2433, ACID 3.0.9, and UDB 0.12.0 11792 with the additions up to the 403 update. I am able to successfully set up the databases per World of Warcraft Server for Windows (Part 14). At part 15, however, I am uncertain which SQL updates I should apply.

My tables are as listed:

  • characters table version "required_11785_02_characters_instance"
  • mangos table version "required_11785_01_mangos_instance_encounters"
  • realmd table version "required_10008_01_realmd_realmd_db_version"

There are the following MaNGOS updates available:

  • 11785_02 (same) - no need to update
  • "11807_01_mangos_gameobject_addon"-"11885_01_mangos_spell_proc_event" (newer) - need to update
  • 10008 (same) - no need to update

There are the following UDB updates available:

  • "402_corepatch_characters_11377_to_11792"
  • "402_corepatch_mangos_11377_to_11792" and "402_updatepack_mangos" + "403_corepatch_mangos_11793_to_11840" and "403_updatepack_mangos"
  • none

I am under the impression that I will need to apply the (in my case) "C:\\MaNGOS\\sql\\updates\\" "11807_01_mangos_gameobject_addon"-"11885_01_mangos_spell_proc_event" first, then apply the "402_updatepack_mangos" and "403_updatepack_mangos" second.

The MaNGOS updates complete successfully. The UDB 402 update pack completes with errors, but I do not know which. I know that the version listed in the table does not change, and that there are a sum of 1946 queries that did not affect any rows (but I don't know if that's normal. I've always found that MySQL wording to be odd.) I applied the 403 update pack regardless, and it completed without errors.

Subsequently, I applied both ACID 3.0.9 and 3.0.9b; both also completed without errors.

Should I be doing this differently?

EDIT: I hadn't known how to look at table data in SQLyog when I made this post. For the curious, though there doesn't seem to be any, the errors were due to the fact that UDB 402 was already installed. I skipped the UDB 402 update pack and moved directly on to 403, then I was set.

Running through some low-level quests (with playerbot) now and I'm impressed.

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It's always good to see someone figuring things out for themselves. It's a bit of a thrill when you have that "eureka!" moment, where everything suddenly becomes clear in a flash.

My congrats for a job well done. :)

If you do have any further questions regarding the installation or updating for UDB, ScriptDev2, or ACID... please ask the experts at their forums. Most of us lunkheads around here mainly concern ourselves with the MaNGOS core itself and even [em]we[/em] end up asking the UDB or ScriptDev2 guys questions regarding that stuff, since they're the ones who made it and know it like the back of their hands. :lol:

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