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Azshara crater or unused monastery?

Guest Kreegoth

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Ok. for some reason on my core i compiled from here. WOTLK version.

I cannot use Tele Azshara crater to get there nor can I use go xyz or go commands. The server acts like I didnt type anything.

Go xyz and Go and tele commands work for other locations.

I searched on Forums but could not find anything about why this would not work.

It does not seem to work for Acrater or unused Mon or Emerald dream for some reason?

Any ideas?

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Thank you for your response Patman,

But I have these entries in my template

INSERT INTO `instance_template` VALUES

('44', '0', '80', '80', ''); //Unused Monastery

INSERT INTO `instance_template` VALUES

('37', '0', '80', '80', ''); //Azshara Crater.

This is why im confused. Perhaps Ive entered something wrong here.. but... It doesnt seem so.

I am really stumped by this.

*Edit* and Yes my Gm char is level 80:P

After setting the server log to level 3. I see a message now saying Player was not teleported to Map 37. requirements check failed. But I cannot seem to figure out why.

Ive joined a group. i have joined a raid. I have lowered and raised my level....

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