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fishing_loot_template and having fishing loot for all zones?

Guest Chrispy645

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Hi there, recently I set up a mangos-zero server. Everything is running sweet but I wanted to add some entries into the fishing_loot_template DB so I could fish up some custom added items in the server. However, I'm not quite sure how to make it so that the fishing loot I add to the database can be fished in any zone in WoW (rather than just 1 zone).

I have looked here:


For fishing_loot_template, ID is the zone or area ID from AreaTable.dbc (Note: Area IDs are not included in the link)

AreaTable.dbc has IDs for a load of zones, I was hoping to find maybe an ID for all zones put together, but found nothing.

This seemed to address my issue:

When several zones uses the same loot definition then

the loot template of the zone with minimal ID (minID) should be defined without references

the other zone with the same loot should have loot definition as a single reference to the minID loot definition

However I am not sure I understand this completely. If someone is able to, could they maybe provide an example of that in particular?


* Edit: I may have got it right this time. Put all my entries in reference_loot_table, used mincountOrRef < 0 to reference the loot table

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