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auto shot toggle disable by ! in macros gets auto shot stuck

Auntie Mangos

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mangosone: head version

Usually Auto Shot is toggleable, if you cast it twice it is not active anymore.

By using ! in a macro like it should activate Auto Shot and not un toggle it:

[== macro ==]
/cast !Auto Shot

Current State

Currently Auto Shot stops shooting if one uses the macro more than once during the hidden cast time (0.5sec) of Auto Shot if you are already shooting. If you press the macro three or more times before attacking you get stuck aswell. When the macro gets pressed once during the hidden cast you delay the auto shot by about another hidden cast time.

How It Should Be

Auto Shot should be toggled on but not be influenced furthermore by spaming the macro.


The following macro should allow hunters to weave in a Steady Shot between two Auto Shots. The Auto Shot should not get delayed, if the cast of Steady Shot finishes 0.5 sec before the Auto Shot would go off (hidden cast time of Auto Shot). Currently the Auto Shot gets stuck when spaming and therefore this doesnt work.

[== macro ==]
/castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot

Useful addon for visualisation:


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