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Memory operations/second etc..

Guest lillecarl

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I just wanna know, with a regular 1033mhz ddr3 ram, how many "requests"/"pushes" can you do each second, i guess its called IO? And how many gigabyte per second can they transfer, I were thinking how much extra work it would require to add a regular "if (IsDead())" into the player update function, because as i understood it it's supposed to be ran each 50 ms for each player ingame? I mean if you have a big population (which i dont have xD) Then the update function must rush the ram?

Also, are the players updates ran in separate threads or are they running in a order? I think it should be possible to run it async, since its just updates for the specific player?

(And oh sorry I'm stupid, I'm just trying to throw out ideas on how to improve mangos, and some curiosity from my side ofc ^^,

- LilleCarl

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